Our Breast ReSensation Services

What is Breast Resensation?

Following a mastectomy procedure, the feeling in the breasts may be impaired. Breast resensation can then be performed to restore sensation in the breasts either during or after a breast reconstruction. By reinstating feeling in the breasts, a breast resensation procedure can allow women to look and feel like themselves again. Our team of board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeons at the Institute for Reconstructive Surgery perform this innovative procedure to allow for restored confidence and enhanced body image. To learn more about breast resensation, we invite you to contact one of our Houston, TX area locations to schedule your initial consultation.

Breast Resensation Techniques

For a breast resensation procedure, an allograft (your own nerve tissue) is harvested. The allograft will then be used to reconnect nerves within your check to those within the breast flap that is used for reconstruction. This technique may be performed at the same time as a breast reconstruction or as a secondary surgery. Over time, as the nerves heal and grow, you will be able to notice restore feeling in your breasts.

Can I have breast resensation if I have breast implants?

Currently, breast resensation procedures cannot be performed if you have existing implants. However, if you wish to have a breast resensation procedure and have implants, a revision surgery can be performed to remove the implants.

Will it feel like my natural breasts?

The goal of breast resensation surgery is to restore the natural feeling in your breasts. After a mastectomy has been performed, the breasts typically feel numb, but with breast resensation they can feel just like your normal breasts. It does take some time for the breasts to heal following the procedure, but after the recovery process you will experience restored feeling within your breasts.

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With breast resensation, our team of certified surgeons can allow you breasts to feel natural with restored sensation. This innovative procedure can be provided on its own or in conjunction with a breast reconstruction. Contact one of our Greater Houston facilities to learn more and to schedule a consultation.