Schedule of Conferences

  • Mondays at 4:30 pm – St. Joseph Medical Center: Teaching Conferences (Lectures, Journal Club, Indications, M&M, Case Presentations & Mock Orals).

  • Wednesdays at 6:30 am – Houston Methodist Hospital: Case Conferences.

Residents are also invited to attend a number of other conferences at the two local medical schools, which include grand rounds, hand conference, maxillofacial conference, pathology conference, etc. There are fixed reading assignments (ASPS EdNet curriculum and journals), for which the residents are responsible throughout the year. A three-year planned curriculum controls the teaching material to ensure complete coverage of the field of plastic surgery.

Microsurgery Course – the residents take a four-day course in basic microsurgical techniques. Each resident thereby acquires the facility necessary to perform reliable microsurgical anastomoses necessary for the performance of free flaps, re-implantation, etc.

Voluntary International Experience – For several years, the senior residents, along with the cleft lip and palate team of Operation San Jose, have traveled to an under-developed foreign country for one week of intensive cleft lip and palate surgery on a voluntary basis.